"Make teamwork smart" with Projango

Intuitively coordinating the collaboration in a team and at the same time always effortlessly having the overview and the visibility of the progress through up-to-date reports and statistics, that is the dream of every project team. Projango, the work management system for agile and task oriented work enables your team to plan, track and coordinate the upcoming tasks the smart way.

Speed up your project - with Scrum and Projango

A great number of tasks have to be completed during a project. Whether you are alone or in a group, it doesn't take long and you to lose track on where you are in a project, what is still open to do and who has done what exactly in the meantime.

Find out in the following article, how Projango can help you to get your task management under control by using proven project management methods like Scrum and find out how you can get more planning security and more satisfaction of all project stakeholders using this approach.

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Have your Taskboard always and everywhere up-to-date

Projango - visual work management for agile teams | Scrum board | task board | Scrum tool

If you are familiar with the agile project management method Scrum and you use that method in our team, then you know about the problem of maintaining a real task board. Usually not everything is up-to-date, the calculation of the remaining estimations is painful and to work in a distributed environment with that method is no fun either.

Read in the article how in that regard Projango as an interactive task board makes it easy to work with a task board, thus saving valuable project time, while at the same time permitting an always up-to-date overview over your tasks.

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Monitor your progress in real time

Projango - visual work management for agile teams | statistics and charts in realtime | burndown chart | progress bar

Keep your projects under control with the real-time charts of Projango. Compare your current remaining estimations with your ideal velocity and check if you are on track. Manage your remaining work in a sprint to achieve the sprint goal and make the changes visible.

See in this article how you do not have to care about creating charts and how Projango updates all calculated statistics in real-time on the fly.

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Generate project reports

Projango - visual work management for agile teams | report generation | spreadsheets | Excel export

It is common practice also in agile operating projects that the project process has to be documented in a classical way. This usually causes additional effort for the people responsible for the project. Very often an additional spreadsheet has to be maintained to get all the data together.

Read in this article how you can save this time and use it for more meaningful project work. Find out how you can create all data you need for a project report and export it as spreadsheet or PDF, with the push of a button, by using Projango. In this project protocol all relevant data, statistics and charts are included.

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