Projango 1.2.0 General Availability

Klaus Villinger

- New: Dashboards can now be directly loaded at startup via URL parameter. 
- New: Sprint state 'In Planning' allows unrestricted task state modifications. 
- Enhancement: Updated Projango to SmartGWT 3.1
- Enhancement: Provided an installation script for Ubuntu 12.04 server installations.
- Enhancement: More finegrained adaption of a task's initial estimation to the current estimation.
- Fix: Eliminated technical error for backlog with more than 250 stories.
- Fix: Text areas for comments, acceptance criteria and web links are now resizeable.
- Fix: Removed unnecessary restrictions for the delete workflow for several work item types.
- Fix: Stories in a completed or similar state can now be dragged into an unstarted sprint.
- Fix: Stories of a sprint will not reappear in the backlog when the sprint gets deleted.

Klaus Villinger is co-founder and director of the Xenatec GmbH. He is responsible for the technical innovation of the Xenatec products, software development and production and customer support. Apart from that, he supervises the service sector IT-Consulting.

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