Projango Milestone 2

Klaus Villinger

- Improved usability throughout Projango:
- Harmonized and cleaned up detail dialogs and forms.
- Continuous context menu support on all work item lists.
- Drag & Drop support on all work item lists.
- Item dialogs show relations and a detailed list of sub work items.
- Projango supports traversal between work items through lists of sub work items.
- User management is separated into a user list for administrators and a details only presentation for self management.
- User selector shows now the real name and surname of a user instead of the login name.
- The story state can be changed directly on the story line at the scrum board.
- It is possible now to deactivate unneeded user accounts to comply with the licensed amount of users. Deactivated users are not visible and selectable in the user selectors and this users are also not able to log in.
- It is possible now to archive unneeded projects and iterations to get a better overview on the active work. Archived projects and iterations are not visible in the project and iteration selector.
- A today marker is added to the burndown chart.
- Several fixes and improved stability.

Klaus Villinger is co-founder and director of the Xenatec GmbH. He is responsible for the technical innovation of the Xenatec products, software development and production and customer support. Apart from that, he supervises the service sector IT-Consulting.

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