Projango Milestone 3

Klaus Villinger

- New: Generation and export of detailed PDF documentation on all major work items.
- New: Time registration feature on task level including the export of time registration details as PDF on task level.
- New: Calculation of the time worked sums on all work item levels including the export of the time worked sums in the iteration Excel report and all other detailed PDF documents.
- New: Introduction of a new coloring feature for projects, stories and tasks. Story notes and task notes now have a gray default color on the info strip. This default color can be changed on project level.
- New: Introduction of a new version check feature which allows a Projango user to check if the current installation is up-to-date.
- Enhancement: Improved work-flow in case of moving stories between iterations without the need to use the backlog. Moving a story to another iteration can now be executed via the context menu on that story even if the story is actually part of an iteration.
- Enhancement: The copy to backlog feature is now reachable via all story context menus.
- Enhancement: The story menu button on the story line is replaced by the story owner avatar. The menu is still available as context menu on the complete story line.
- Enhancement: Adjusted backlog behavior: Stories without an iteration are now part of the open backlog, only stories "In Progress" will be listed in the active backlog.
- Enhancement: A fast enlarge and shrink feature on notes via a combination of Ctrl-key or Shift-key and a mouse move.
- Enhancement: The priority quick edit is moved to the note number area to avoid misunderstandings in clicking some icons on the icon strip.
- Enhancement: Fast opening of the detailed editor on a note has changed to Ctrl + double click.
- Enhancement: A special red administrator default icon which makes the differentiation to a normal user more visible.
- Enhancement: Improvements on the repository repair system which is now able to list all changes performed.
- Enhancement: Secured report delivery: Only logged in clients are served.
- Enhancement: Projango doesn't enforce a page reload upon communication problems, thus leaving the possibility of a manual copy of data before doing a manual reload.
- Enhancement: Improved stability in case of drag and drop of task notes.
- Enhancement: It is now possible to define a project owner.
- Enhancement: All major state icons are now displayed on the story line if the a non default value is set.
- Enhancement: If the impeded flag is set on a story or task it is now possible to add a impediment description which is displayed as hover text directly on the impeded icon.
- Enhancement: Bookmark-able preselect of the project or iteration which is loaded on the board via the URL parameter projectUId or iterationUId.
- Fix: Several other minor fixes.

Klaus Villinger is co-founder and director of the Xenatec GmbH. He is responsible for the technical innovation of the Xenatec products, software development and production and customer support. Apart from that, he supervises the service sector IT-Consulting.

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