Projango Release Candidate 2

Klaus Villinger

- New: Drag & Drop support of stories between scrum board and backlog.
- New: A verification description can be added after a verification which is shown as a tooltip on the verifcation icon.
- New: Expand or collapse all notes of the scrum board with one click.
- New: Quick Start Wizard to create new users.
- New: Quick Start Wizard to easily create a new project with a related sprint.
- New: Usability improvements: The quick edit mode of notes is now also reachable via the context menu. A project or sprint can now also be added via the context menu of the scrum board.
- Enhancement: Improved online help.
- Fix: Several problems in the area of the of the burndown chart are resolved.
- Fix: A lot of other minor fixes.

Klaus Villinger is co-founder and director of the Xenatec GmbH. He is responsible for the technical innovation of the Xenatec products, software development and production and customer support. Apart from that, he supervises the service sector IT-Consulting.

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