Projango Release Candidate 3

Klaus Villinger

- New: Projango is now moved to JBoss 7.1. Older versions are not supported any more.
- New: Projango is now preconfigured to Postgres 9.1.
- New: Support for premium licenses.
- New: The backup & restore script included with the User Guide now also cover JMS messages.
- New: The rejection workflow for multiple 'tasks to verify' now allows the input of individidual reasons as well as one general reason.
- New: Dialogs for comments, web links and acceptance criteria now offer an "add"-functionality that keeps the dialog open for further work.
- Enhancement: Improved performance for 'delete work item' and 'copy to backlog' workflows.
- Enhancement: Sprint reports now omit those parts of times worked that are outside of the sprint timespan.
- Enhancement: Work items added via the context menu in a work item list will be entered at the selected row, not at the end.
- Enhancement: Projango allows deferring or canceling stories while non-final tasks exist.
- Fix: Time Registration admins can now edit other users' entries.
- Fix: Tasks can now be dragged from a task list onto the scrum board.
- Fix: Dragging multiple stories from a story list onto the scrum board now works.
- Fix: Excel reports do now show a straight ideal velocity line during DST transitions.

Klaus Villinger is co-founder and director of the Xenatec GmbH. He is responsible for the technical innovation of the Xenatec products, software development and production and customer support. Apart from that, he supervises the service sector IT-Consulting.

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