Projango Release Candidate 5

Klaus Villinger

- New: Update procedure now accounts for in-flight async computes.
- New: Zipped user guide can now be downloaded from inside the user guide.
- Enhancement: Improved performance while handling backlogs.
- Enhancement: Add- and OK-Buttons disable while comments, acceptance criteria, web links and time registration entries are still empty.
- Enhancement: Stories copied to backlog now have an adjusted estimation.
- Enhancement: New story and task notes now open with the focus already in the name field.
- Fix: Push system now doesn't leave unserializable XAResources behind.
- Fix: Computed values now get rounded.
- Fix: Colliding task note drags on several clients now don't lead to desynced displays.
- Fix: Changing the estimation on a currently saved new note now doesn't lead to a duplicated note.

Klaus Villinger is co-founder and director of the Xenatec GmbH. He is responsible for the technical innovation of the Xenatec products, software development and production and customer support. Apart from that, he supervises the service sector IT-Consulting.

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