Fast start with Projango as appliance

Installation in 6 easy steps

1. Download and Install VirtualBox 4.2.8.

2. Download and unpack

3. Setup a VM with the following parameters:

    - Memory: >= 2 GB

    - Host OS: linux, ubuntu.

    - Virtual drive: Choose Projango-1.1.0-GA.vmdk

4. After creating the VM, adjust the parameter:

    - Network: bridged

    - System/Processor: Activate PAE/NX (if possible)

5. Start the VM and follow the additional installation steps.

6. Projango is now available at the following address: http://<ip-of-your-vm>

Liability exclusion

 Even though we have taken great care in the areas of reliability and security of our software during the development, it is not guaranteed that it is free of errors. For this reason, the installation, use and operation of Projango is carried out at your own risk. We want to inform you, that we are not liable for any eventual damage or loss of data which is connected to the installation, use or operation of Projango!

With the download and usage of Projango you agree explicitly to this point of our terms of use.

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