Projango Free Edition

Free 5 User License

With our Projango Free Edition we especially want to support small teams and businesses. The Projango Free Edition is not a time limited demo version, it is a full functional system with the complete function set which is also qualified for updates, its only constraint is the limitation to 5 active users.

With the Projango Free Edition we give you the possibility to evaluate the many benefits of using a task management software for your project. You are able to test all the features in your productive environment without any risk. If you are convinced of the benefits of Projango Free Edition and want to upgrade to our professional edition because you need more users or you are interested in professional support, you can switch any time without the need to reinstall the software. The only thing which has to be exchanged is a license file, which we create individually for you, and you will be ready immediately to expand your user base.

So start right now and get your free Projango Free Edition as ready-to-use appliance or as installation package.

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