Projango Professional Edition

Early Bird Promotion Offer

The purchasable Projango Professional Edition is currently in the preparation process and you can order it here in the near future.

In the meantime you are able to use the Projango Professional Edition with more than the 5 free users by using our early bird promotion. The early bird promotion is completely free and nonbinding. You get a time limited license issued to your name with the amount of users you want if you order a license right now. With that license you can use Projango without limits during the issued time period.

You see, you have no risk. You are able to operate Projango completely free of charge until the introduction of our Professional Edition and you will be able to continue operating your installation seamlessly as Projango Professional Edition.

Why do we make such an offer?

First of all we are interested in active feedback from active Projango users to improve our service and our product. Even though Projango has already proven its operational readiness and usefulness several times it is our ambition to develop Projango customer-driven to a system which fulfilles your requirements for an agile task management system. We want to invite you to accompany us in this phase as an active Projango user by reporting us how you use Projango in your daily work and which suggestions and ideas for improvement you have so that Projango can meet your expectations to such a system even more. Only with your feedback we are able to make Projango strong in exactly those areas which are important for you.

Questions about our offer?

If you are uncertain and do have any questions about our offer or our future prices, feel free to contact us through our contact form. We are happy to answer all your questions about Projango and Xenatec.

Early Bird Promotion

Until we are ready to sell our Projango Professional Edition you have now the possibility to order a free and nonbinding extended trial license for our future Projango Professional Edition.

The extended trial license of Projango Professional Edition allows you to use Projango with as many users as you need for your project or company. Apart from being time-limited, it is essentially the same full license you will be able to buy here later on as well.

The extended trial license will be issued especially for you and will be limited to the amount of users you order and is valid for complete 6 months. During this time period you can use Projango Professional Edition with your complete team free of charge.

Your Projango installation can be used unlimited after the extended trial period by buying a usual license or the installation can be used with the free license and 5 users without a time limit.

So what are you waiting for? Order Projango Professional Edition today and be more productive!

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