Projango Edition Overview

Projango Professional Edition

The purchasable Projango Professional Edition is currently in the preparation process and you can order it here in the near future.

In the meantime you are able to use the Projango Professional Edition with more than the 5 free users by using our early bird promotion. The early bird promotion is completely free and nonbinding. You get a time limited license issued to your name with the amount of users you want if you order a license right now. With that license you can use Projango without limits during the issued time period.

You see, you have no risk. You are able to operate Projango completely free of charge until the introduction of our Professional Edition and you will be able to continue operating your installation seamlessly as Projango Professional Edition.

Projango Free Edition

The Projango Free Edition is a full featured Projango System with a user limit of 5 regular users and without a support option.

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