Projango Realtime Charts

Projango - visual work management for agile teams | statistics and charts in realtime | burndown chart | progress bar

The Projango real-time charts are a highlight of the Projango system. The sophisticated dashboard gives you the complete overview over the health of your project any time. All important information of a sprint is summarized and well-arranged on one single page. The dashboard will be updated immediately after every change and and is therefore ideally suited to be shown permanently on a monitor which is positioned on a central place of your office. With that feature every team member is updated about the project progress in next to no time.

With the help of the interactive real-time burn-down chart you will skillfully control you project. You can not only compare the remaining estimations with the ideal velocity and check if the project team is on schedule. In case that some tasks are managed during the sprint, which means that some tasks are deferred to a point in time after the current sprint, you can recognize that fact in the chart and you can also see how many tasks have to be deferred to get back on track to achieve the sprint goal. The chart will also show the outcome as it would have been without managing tasks. All these data are a valuable source of information for the retrospective discussions and help to improve the planning of further iterations.

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