The Projango Taskboard

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The task board is the central element of Projango. The work with the Projango task board is faster and easier compared to a real task board classically used in Scrum projects.

The usability of the Projango task board is as easy as handling a classical task board. Stories and tasks are created by the click of a button and can be easily moved via drag & drop to the right position on the board. Automation features like the automatic assignment of owners or the state based recalculation of the remaining estimations make the work more comfortable. Usually every team member updates his tasks right after a status change, so that the data of the task board is always up-to-date. Updates are automatically synchronized to all open boards without the need to reload the web page. The burn-down chart and the progress bars are also updated in the same manner immediately after a change.

All these benefits make Projango an ideal tool when it comes to distributed work at different locations. It doesn't matter if your'e practicing home-office or have branch offices. An update meeting with an open Projango can be done without any problems via phone, because changes are immediately visible on all open screens. A project team on location is able by the help of a projector to use the task board directly in an update meeting or planning meeting as an effective planning and control tool and after the meeting every team member has the up-to-date version on his screen.

We are quite sure that you don't want to go back to a classical task board once you have experienced the benefits of the Projango task board.

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