New web sites for Xenatec and Projango

Edgar Kogel

New webdesign for xenatec and Projango web pages

At last! After a long period of planning, designing and buildup, the new web sites for and go online today.

Much time and effort were invested in the last weeks and months to develop, step by step, a long existing idea into an attractive business concept. The launch of the new and completely revised web presence now taking place signals the first, significant step towards autonomy and the constitution of an own enterprise.

It turns out that the buildup of such demanding web sites poses a variety of challenges, starting at the design, over the technical realization, the construction of significant content up to legal aspects. A long way was to go until finally everything was joined together harmonically, but it was worth it.

Knowledge in a multitude of new technologies, techniques and tools were acquired. These include most notably working with HTML5, CSS3 and the construction of the pages taking responsive web design into account. The next challenge to master was to realize these design aspects with the help of the latest version of the Contao content management system. But design is not everything, texting also has to be learned, and so it still took some time until all required texts for the launch were created and inserted. And what’s more, as they say: "a picture is worth a thousand words". Thus a number of illustrations and diagrams had to be created, which in turn allowed to spend a lot of time with the latest Adobe tools. But now everything is done. Much was learned and two great new web presences are constructed with the latest know-how.

As can be seen in comparison, the two pages are technically related but entirely different in their character. While the Xenatec pages are reduced to their fundamental colors, emanating straightness and reliability, the Projango pages present themselves colorful and loosened up, communicating exactly the cheerfulness we want to bring to the daily work with our visual work management system for task oriented work.

We at Xenatec are now looking forward to see how the new sites will get accepted and what feedback we will receive.

Edgar Kogel is co-founder and director of the Xenatec GmbH. He is responsible for the functional innovation of the Xenatec products, marketing and sales. Apart from that, he supervises the service sectors training & coaching in agile work management, project management and webdesign.

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