Projango - Agile Work Management System & Taskboard

With Projango you quickly and easily establish overview and tidiness in your task management. It makes no difference, wether you use Projango as a scrum tool software or only as a simple task board software.

  • With the task board you are able to see at a glance what is still open to do.

  • You work in a prioritized order and you never loose anything important.

  • Work tasks are distributed among your team members in an easy and effective way.

  • Everyone in the team is informed about who is currently working on which task and about the state in which the tasks currently are.

  • Charts always provide a live overview where the team and the project progress currently stand for all project stakeholders.

  • With realtime updates distributed project teams are always up-to-date.

The work with Projango stimulates proactivity and responsibility in every stakeholder and thus causes planning security and a motivated team.

Why do we have developed Projango?

The development of Projango was started in 2009. First experiences with the agile project management method Scrum showed the benefits of such an approach in comparison to a classical project management approach very fast. Unfortunately a lot of time was wasted by manually maintaining the task board and the charts. It was difficult to measure the performance of the team and more and more team members were uncomfortable with the effort we spent in maintaining these things. We had to find a better solution, but at that time there wasn't a better solution available. So we started with the development of Projango to create a web based alternative to real task boards which keeps the advantages of a real task board and uses to benefits of an electronic system to save the project team's time.

Projango has proven its utilizability in scrum teams since 2010 and was improved continuously by including the demands of our users. An important point for us was to copy a natural workflow of a real task board in our web application. Even while Projango gets more and more complex with its abilities we are still focused to keep this natural and intuitive way in handling things in Projango. It is our goal with Projango to disburden every project team member from administration tasks as much as possible and by this to provide a maximum of overview and use for teams who are using Projango.

It is essential that Projango is a system for all team members and not only for project managers. The whole team has the responsibility to control and care about the project and the progress. With this approach we are able to create real team spirit and we encourage motivation and engagement of all team members.

What exactly is Projango?

Projango in its current form is a specially optimized task management system for Scrum. It provides the usual Scrum artifacts like: backlog, task board and burn down chart. Apart from that we have included a huge amount of ideas into the system which were reported as improvements from the daily use of our product. A lot of these ideas include things which are not part or Scrum but improve the daily usage of the system dramatically. We have for instance included the service classes from Kanban which ]makes the prioritization of stories easier.

If you are familiar to Scrum, it is very easy for you to handle Projango within a view minutes. Team members who have seen and used Projango in action were enthusiastic about the features and so it takes only a short time until Projango gets accepted by the project team. The team members like to work with the system because they are able to see the project progress immediately and visually and the calculated statistics help them to make better estimations about the remaining efforts.

What is the future of Projango?

In the past years we have optimized Projango mostly in the areas of real-time synchronization of task boards and charts. The features we had so far seemed to be enough for a pure scrum tool. Since 2013 the developers of Projango and founders of Xenatec have started to build out of the current Projango a complete new task management system, which will function independent from any methodology but will support the major ones like Scrum and Kanban in the best way.

To achieve this, we want to provide a more natural way in using with the system. The classical task board will therefore be a part of the system. Furthermore we want to provide a first support of Android devices. The configuration of the system will be a major part of our future development because this gives us the flexibility to support several project management methods like Scrum and Kanban in parallel and even flexible mixtures of them will be possible. With that approach it will be possible in future to adapt Projango in an optimal way to the individual workflow of our customers.

It is our goal with Projango to make agile project management methods accessible for user groups outside of the software development departments and to provide a cost-effective system for the optimized control of projects and tasks for small businesses and teams.

Participate in the creation of Projango!

If you feel addressed by our goals and you are searching for such a system like Projango but you think that Projango in its current development state has not the features you need, please feel free to contact us. We are interested on how you would to use Projango, how Projango could help you and what you are missing. We might be able to find a solution for you and with that you are able to participate actively in the creation of the future of Projango.

We want to make project management smarter every day!

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